USB mountable version

Hello all!

I have Openelec (6.0.1) on my ATV1 with broadcom card. Running Kodi 15.2 …v old now…It’s OK…but just wanted to try out Sams version…just can’t seem to load from USB to try it out. I have a 8g Cruzer slice and have formatted it but to no joy.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for some help on this.


please check out this link:

cause our clairvoyant skills arent that great yet :wink:

there should be a installer log that tells us where it goes wrong.

might be of use to you

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SanDisk U3 disks should be avoided when possible.

Try another USB stick.


Thanks Sam…I have tried 3 different USB sticks now…all different and it hangs halfway through during the install bit…I have Openelec which runs OK …ish…will be getting a Vero 4k soon, but just wanted to check out the OS before I make the plunge…and at the moment I can’t get my feet wet!

What would I be doing wrong?



So install log cause we cant see where it fails beside your description… so still waiting…


Hard to say what the issue is unfortunately.

Can you take a photo of where it hangs?

I’m afraid OSMC on AppleTV won’t be a very good testament as to OSMC on Vero 4K. There’s quite a difference as the AppleTV is just over ten years old now.



Thanks again for the quick reply. I guess I won’t see much difference anyway if I get it working as we know the ATV1 is 10 years old. I was just curious really as I only have kodi 15.2 running and quite a few addons require updating and can not. I really need a new box…love the super connectivity of the Vero4k just wanted to give it a test run first.

In the meantime I will try another build like the 1.1.17 USB from the disk image.

I’ll let you know how I get on!