USB OSMC upgrade

I don’t have a wifi net, so I’d like to know if it’s possible to do the monthly OSMC upgrade by downloading a file to a usb drive from which run it on Vero 4K.
Thank you.

No, unless you download the complete OSMC and Debian Repositry and setup your own Repository Server.

Probably I’m ignorant about these things as much as you are arrogant: a lot.
Said that, ignorance about technical things is forgivable among civilized people, but not the arrogance of a dumbass.

Let’s keep it civil chaps.

I do want to have an option for offline users to be able to upgrade in the future.
It’s a long way off though, and still in planning stage. But there are use cases: some guys boat around the world; and some guys have very limited data allowance.

How / when would you be able to load a USB stick? Would you be limited to a specific type of machine (Windows etc)? What would the Internet speed be like?

This helps me work out what’s realistic for users.



Thinking about it: if you’re not installing any apps etc or customising the device heavily, you could take a backup via My OSMC and reinstall every time and just restore the backup.

You might be better off updating twice a year or so after a series of improvements.

Any progress here? I’m in the same condition: there is no network where the Vero is used. The other mediaplayers we have used before, offered the possibility to download the update as a file, load this file on a usb key, and boot the mediaplayer with the key inserted -> the update was installed.
That is also how I update the infotainment system in my car. That’s a quite common way to update not-web-connected devices. Dont think the operating system where you download the file is relevant, as long as the file get’s onto the USB key.

If you don’t want to go the way with Backup + reinstall of latest image the only way is that you create a hotspot on your mobile phone and connect the Vero to your phone.

This might change in the future