Usb port vero4k

Hi guys , i installed homebridge on the vero4k+ so i can control smart things that are not officially homekit supported to work with homekit on my iPhone ( eg my smart lights and alarm system )

But to control it outside the local network of the vero , i also need a homekit hub .
That hub i made of an old iPhone 8 that is jailbroken so i could enable home hub for the iPhone that otherwise is only available on an iPad or HomePod.
So far so good, everything is working perfectly .
but the iPhone needs to be on all the time :nerd_face:
Is it a problem that i connect it 24-7 to the usb port of the vero or isn’t that a good idea ?? if yes is there a usb port u recommend ?
thanks Tom

If you are powering/charging the phone then you might be better off with a powered USB hub, these are available via the OSMC store

Would it be to much power for the USB port since the phone is only used as hub? Otherwhise i dont need the powered USB hub and Just use a wall socket

If it works then go ahead and use it, it shouldn’t harm the Vero 4K. If you run into any stability issues then a powered hub would be the recommendation