USB Power and Bluetooth

So, yesterday my Vero arrived and got installed.
So far everything is working.
I’m using a USB 3.0 ext. HDD for all my Media. I first plugged it into the lower USB port and from here the ext. drive could not spin up. After plugging it in the upper USB port the HDD was able to spin up and since then it is working fine.
So it seems the USB ports have different power ratings.
My question: Is this by design? Maybe should be pointed out somewhere.

I can not find a settings page for the bluetooth connections?
Is it not implemented yet?

Regarding Bluetooth - the software build shipped with the first batch of Vero’s is missing some files necessary to enable the Bluetooth hardware, however this has been rectified in our internal test builds and will pushed out as a software update as soon as it has had a little bit more testing.

I personally have it working with Bluetooth keyboards - I’m not sure what other Bluetooth profiles apart from HID are supported at the moment under OSMC, but the driver fix for the Vero to enable Bluetooth will bring the Bluetooth support up to parity with the Pi build of OSMC, and as other Bluetooth profile support is added to OSMC over time (I think A2DP is planned for example) Pi and Vero will both gain support for them.


Thanks for the reply.
For me, the A2DP would be interesting.
Will have to wait for it.

If you check for updates you should find an update has been pushed that enables Bluetooth on the Vero.

You should now find a Bluetooth option in the networking settings. At this time only input devices like keyboards have been tested.

I updated OSMC and the Bluetooth Settings Screen is now there.
Unfortunably i don’t own a BT Keyboard or Mouse to test.

Any insight regarding the USB Power issue?