USB question for a first timer

Just got my Pi2 today and have been very busy. I have successfully installed OSMC and have been reading lots on the forum today. have got almost all of my initial Addons installed.

My Question is…
I have a few things that I need to install from Zip that I had to dload to my PC. I have tried to put them on a USB drive, but can not navigate to the USB in the directory in OSMC. What am i doing wrong? How can I install these?


I have tried to shut down OSMC and add them to my 32gb micro SD card, but the install formatted it to 800mb and its full. How do I get that space back? I would like to add some of my pictures and songs and videos to it to be able to browse from OSMC.

I am so confused. this is my first go at something like this and I am Linux dumb. so please help.

PC - WIndows 7 laptop
Pi2 model B 1gb
32gb sd card

feel free also to suggest and must have addons or any things I can not live without. I am looking to cut the cord and really get into this. I have learned tons today and really look forward to learning more. Please go easy on me and my super noobie-ness


The install has partitioned and formatted your card into several different partitions, what you are seeing in windows is just the BOOT partition, most of the card contains an EXT4 filesystem which is what linux(OSMC) is using. There are tools that can access the ext4 filesystem from windows - probably more trouble than they are worth.

I find it much easier to access OSMC by using a secure shell connection (SSH using PUTTY) on my windows 7 machine - logged in with the default user/password (IIRC osmc/osmc its in the forum somewhere) then enabled root access. I then install SAMBA (from appstore), and share the whole of the filesystem across the network, you can copy and paste files wherever you like, edit settings using EDITPAD lite.

I put the only zip file I needed into /home/osmc and kodi found it without problems.

if the usb drive has been automatically mounted by the rpi ok you should be able to find it when you browse for a zip select root file system on the first option then go into the folder called media you should then find a folder in there with the same name as your usb drive is labelled and if you go into that folder you should find you are in your usb drive and can select your zips files from there.