USB remote not working on boot

For me it works well.

I advise you to plug in a wireless keyboard to support the remote.

I can confirm this issue too. I observed the same problem.

Forgot to mention that I changed to OpenElec as the Volume-/- button with this USB Remote Control doesn’t work with OSMC Alpha4 (which is pretty annoying). I hope this will be resolved in the imminent OSMC RC version to be released tomorrow night (if everything goes well… :smile: ).
And yes, the behavior with this USB remote is the same on OpenElec.

It’s fairly simple to edit the file that controls what remote presses do.
The command ‘irw’ in a terminal will show you what the system is seeing when you press a button. ( Ctrl-c to exit )
The file remote.xml in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/ is the one to edit.

Has anyone tried setting HDMI_IGNORE_CEC=1 in /boot/config.txt?

IF* there is any relation to CEC, perhaps disabling CEC in the pi’s settings could help with stability?


It probably won’t change in release unless someone with this remote comes up with the needed button mappings. I don’t think any of the dev team use this remote. Most are using a gpio setup.

As far as needing to unplug/replug it sounds like a timing issue relating to lirc/usb initialization, from what I can see no DEBUG logs or syslogs have been submitted

I have the same remote and have the same problem, but I’m still running Raspbmc.

This is the log section where the device is opened, but doesn’t function:

11:59:35 T:3037995008    INFO: Found input device /dev/input/event0
11:59:35 T:3037995008    INFO: opened device 'HID 1d57:ad02' (file name /dev/input/event0), m_bSkipNonKeyEvents 0

This is the log section where I remove the remote and plug it in again because it wasn’t working:

12:00:49 T:3037995008    INFO: input device was unplugged HID 1d57:ad02
12:00:55 T:3037995008    INFO: Found input device /dev/input/event0
12:00:55 T:3037995008    INFO: opened device 'HID 1d57:ad02' (file name /dev/input/event0), m_bSkipNonKeyEvents 0
12:00:55 T:3037995008    INFO: Found input device /dev/input/event2
12:00:55 T:3037995008    INFO: opened device 'HID 1d57:ad02' (file name /dev/input/event2), m_bSkipNonKeyEvents 0
12:01:00 T:3037995008   DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x1c, sym: 0x000d, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
12:01:00 T:3037995008   DEBUG: OnKey: return (0xf00d) pressed, action is Select

That’s the first “OnKey” entry in the log, even though I mashed plenty of buttons on the remote before I unplugged it.

Oddly, I used this remote for a month before this issue came up. However, it seems to be present with both OSMC and Raspbmc

Sorry to barge in on this thread, but I thought this information might be useful.

No thats great, hopefully a developer will see that and be able to help.

Also i experienced the exact same thing. About a month of it working fine, then this.

Bump on this, hoping this issue will be addressed in the next version.


Indeed, none of us have this remote so can’t help you here. Provided it really needs remote codes, and not key presses, lirc should let you record a config.

Thanks, but this is obviously an issue with USB rather than with a specific device.

How have you deduced that? My best guess at the moment would be that a removal and replug means it does not get captured and can send uinput events.

I have one of those laying around in a box somewhere. I never tried it on a pi but I do remember that it shows up to the system as just a keyboard and mouse. So it has nothing to do with lirc.

Gathered hence /dev/input/event0.

If you are on post-Alpha 4 you could try disabling eventlircd and lirc services and you will probably have some joy.

Other areas to check for:

  • Permissions on /dev/input/event0. Should be owned by osmc:osmc, otherwise a udev rule will help.
  • dmesg when attaching device.
  • dmesg when booting with device.

I have several of these remotes.
I use a customised keyboard.xml (just the keys I want to configure) and this fixes the vol- key and mute (vol+ seems to work anyway)

<keymap> <global> <keyboard> <one mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key Pressed, Ctrl+Alt+one, 5)</one> <!--Green --> <two mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key Pressed, Ctrl+Alt+two, 5)</two> <!--Orange --> <three mod="ctrl,alt">Notification(Key Pressed, Ctrl+Alt+three, 5)</three> <!--Blue --> <four mod="ctrl,alt">reloadkeymaps</four> <!-- Yellow (helpful for testing this file) --> <f4 mod="alt">Close</f4> <!-- The [X] Button--> <o mod="ctrl">ContextMenu</o> <!-- The Open Folder button--> <tab>XBMC.ActivateWindow(Home)</tab> <!-- Tab --> <d>toggledebug</d> <e mod="meta">Info</e> <!-- The My PC Button --> <tab mod="alt">OSD</tab> <!-- The Multi-Window Button --> <return mod="alt">FullScreen</return> <!-- The Full Screen Button --> <f13>Mute</f13> <!-- Mute button --> <f14>VolumeDown</f14> <!-- Volume down button --> </keyboard> </global> <FullscreenVideo> <keyboard> <one mod="ctrl,alt">CodecInfo</one> <!-- Green --> <two mod="ctrl,alt">ShowSubtitles</two> <!-- Orange --> <three mod="ctrl,alt">SubtitleDelayMinus</three> <!-- Blue --> <four mod="ctrl,alt">SubtitleDelayPlus</four> <!-- Yellow --> <pageup>BigStepForward</pageup> <pagedown>BigStepBack</pagedown> <next_track>StepForward</next_track> <prev_track>StepBack</prev_track> <v>Mute</v> </keyboard> </FullscreenVideo> </keymap>

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Hi, apologies for my ignorance but where do you store the keyboard.xml file? Which folder?

Many thanks in advance…


/home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps is where I have mine (working)