USB stick install to SD - doesnt work Pi2 - help

Hi all! I’m new to this! Appreciate your help! (checked related USB threads but no answer)


  1. Installed OSMC on USB stick by selecting install from SD (win 7)
  2. Plug USB stick into Pi2 (micro SD inside already).

Nothing happened even after restart.

How should i go about this? Thanks!

You need to write the installer to the sd card even if doing a usb instal

I think you’ve got it wrong. A SD card is still needed to boot.
I’ve got two berries, booth are running OSMC on a USB stick.
Here is a how-to video over at youtube Raspbmc - USB INSTALL - TUTORIAL - (HD) - YouTube
And for a good read, I can recommend
Also uses some nice screen shots of OSMC.
Or take a look here. Wiki - OSMC