USB Stick reset after install

I’ve got 3 x Vero 4K boxes to downgrade to an earlier version due to frame dropping issues all of them are experiencing on the latest version.

I only recently upgraded them all, shouldn’t have bothered as they were working fine to be honest. Anyway, I noticed as I was upgrading each one, the USB key needed to be reinstalled each time - presumably to stop people accidentally leaving the USB plugged in and an infinite reinstall taking place.

Is there an easier way does anyone know?

This is to stop reinstallation loops. It’s possible to disable this at build time (obviously we don’t reimage the USB every time at factory) but this isn’t recommended.

It’s rare for a user to need to reimage multiple devices consecutively

As I suspected then, how do I disable this? Is it easy to do at “build time”?

You would need to compile the installer from source. Unless you plan to image hundreds of devices I don’t think it is worth it.