USB TV dongle and Vero 4K+ h.264

I use the OSMC TV dongle together with VERO 4K+.
Some TV programs are offered by my cable provider in DVB-T mode, and some of them use h.264.

My problem is that these programs are stopping, blurring the image. The sound is smooth.

It’s a hardware, software, or setup issue.
Is there a solution for me?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Most likely culprit would be a signal issue with the aerial.
Has this only occurred recently? If so – are you suffering adverse weather?

Are you powering the dongle with a USB hub? It uses a fair amount of power and this is necessary.



The signal will probably be fine. The DVB-Tx signal is provided by a cable TV provider, and no one in my area has a problem with its quality.

I have the dongle connected directly to VERO for a more comfortable VERO restart.
If I restart VERO disconnecting from power, it remains powered by the USB hub and VERO does not restart.
If the usb hub is disconnected from VERO, the dongle is unavailable at reboot.
OK, I’ll give it a try. Plug the dongle into the hub and I’ll be disconnecting the power to the hub as well.
If this solves the problem, I will be very happy, at the same time I will mark it as "solved.

For now, thank you very much for your quick response.

I have the original OSMC 4 ports usb hub, the TV dongle plugged into the hub and the image for programs with h.264 It is not smooth.
Maybe it’s really the quality of the signal.
Am I able to check the quality using Tvheadend, for example? If so, please help where to look.

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Sorry for the delays in getting back to you. Christmas has been busy :slight_smile:

What else is connected to the hub, if anything?
These dongles can use a lot of power and if they don’t get it – they will have degraded picture quality.

Father’s side is Polish, not Czech.
I liked Prague – but a bit touristy and when I visited in 2016 it seemed like it had been flooded with Germans.

That’s okay.

One more SSD HDD and VERO remote control.
I will try to connect the HDD directly to VERO.

Thank you for the info, Google BARD lied to me.

It would be a good idea to separate the power supply of the hub from the power supply of VERO, which is connected by a USB cable? I have the idea of using a data-only cable, or disconnect the wires in the hub
Could this be the cause?

Can you try leave the drive completely unplugged in the interim and see if it improves things.

Vero 4K + can only supply 500ma to a drive via its USB port. On Vero V it’s 900ma which is enough to power most drives independently.

I can’t see why this would cause your immediate issue.