USB UIRT Remote Configuration with LIRC in OSMC

First, thank you guys for all your time and efforts in putting together an awesome system.

I have spent alot of time searching OSMC, LIRC and all of the related forums on a way to get an RC6 remote to work with a USB-UIRT in OSMC. I installed the latest version of OSMC available, 2017.4 and based on what i have found so far the USB-UIRT converts IR signals into serial port communications through the USB port. OSMC recognized the device as a serial USB device.

From what I understand LIRC is capable of handling these devices by using the drivers USB_UIRT_RAW or UIRT2_raw. I am able to see the device communicating keypresses with the mode2 --driver=uirt2_raw --device=/dev/ttyUSB0. The device should be sending what are typical keyboard up, down, left and right commands but OSMC is not picking them up. Since there is no hardware.conf file, how would I change the default driver of the lirc daemon? And you do not think the default driver is the problem, could it be a keymap issue?

Thanks in advance!