USB2 performance and HDD power during inactivity

I’m thinking about buying a Vero 4K to use with a large USB3 desktop hard drive (mains powered).

  1. Is USB2 on the Vero 4K (potentially) a performance bottleneck (for the largest 4K files)?

  2. As per this thread, am I correct in thinking the hard drive will always be powered on?
    The drive is quite noisy so I want to hide it away in a drawer, but I don’t want it to be always-on. So right now I keep it outside and switch it off when required. In any case it will be close to where my desk is (other side of room), so noise is distracting.

It also sounds like this would be the case if I turned into a NAS, since the Vero 4K will always be on. Is that right?

Power usage is not the problem. I just don’t want it the drive to be running 24/7 (especially when I am at my desk).

  1. Can I ask if an updated Vero 4K is on the horizon, since it’s been out for over a year?

Mine spins down after a while, but it may depend on your HDD caddy/device. Others will have to help you with (1) - I don’t have any high bitrate files but USB2 should work up to 35MB/s IIRC. (3)? I doubt it.

USB2.0 caps out at 480Mbps.
The highest bitrate 4K content is about 70-80Mbps so you should be fine.

The drive will spin down after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Nothing planned at this time, as it’s ticking all of the right boxes.