Use omxplayer with options/arguments

Is it possible to use the built-in omxplayer with options/arguments one could call at the command line?
I am particularly interested in the –orientation option (CLI usage e.g.: omxplayer --orientation 90 /path/to/video.file)

I am on the homestretch (at least it feels like i am nearly there) of making a skin for a vertically mounted display, which is mainly used as a music player. But being able to occasionally also play a video in the correct orientation would be the icing on the cake which already is really really sweet, thanks to all the work by the devs @kodi and @osmc.
Just think of all the underappreciated videos shot on mobile phones in portrait mode :wink:

Kodi doesn’t use command line omxplayer so there are no command line options.
Kodi respects the orientation flag in the container and will rotate/mirror the video correctly.
There is no way of explicitly choosing an orientation through the GUI.

If you really want it then you can modify and build kodi yourself, or request this in the “feature request” kodi forum.

That’s what i feared. And it would have been a workaround of a workaround, since right now i have to rotate all the windows in my skin to achieve the portrait orientation i am after, because if i rotate the screen output via system settings in config.txt, kodi gets rendered with a 16:9 aspectratio on the 9:16 oriented screen starting from the top left corner.
But then again rotating just the gui within kodi seems to put no extra stress on the gpu (cpu?) in contrast to rotation via system settings. So having the capability of command line omxplayer to rotate the video in kodi might be the better solution.

Modifying kodi is way over my head unfortunately, and as i am in a rainbowsurfing unicorn situation with this problem i can’t expect much of a feature request, either.

I have been thinking about this as well as there are some command line options in omxplayer that i am interested in as well.
I am considering trying out a few things when i have the time, not sure if it will work or not.

  1. Install omxplayer command line version with putty is for sale | HugeDomains
  2. use the XBMC Commands add on to call the command line version of omxplayer with the parameters i need.

I am not certain this will work but I am willing to try when I have a chance.

In theory you can launch omxplayer as an external player.
But you’ll lose any control though xbmc (you’ll need to use whatever keyboard options omxplayer supports).
You’ll lose access to kodi’s gui (e.g. OSD, subtitle settings etc.)