Use Openvpn & Pyload beside Kodi

Hey Guys,
I wanted to ask you if it’s a good idea to run OpenVPN and Pydev beside Kodi on a Vero4k+?
Does it have enough Memory (Ram). Are there any negative inpact e.g heavy load , stuttering if i’m streaming Videos from Netflix etc… ?
And can i run a OpenVPN Server (to connect from my Workspace to my Home) and simultaneously have an active VPN like North VPN up and running?

The whole Idea is, to have an entry Point to my Network and have the possibility to start my PC or to start a Download wich will then be copied over to my nas without sacrificing any performance from my Vero4k+ if i’m back home again.

The best way is to probably try it. 2GB RAM should go quite a long way.

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is there a way to back up the current state of my system, so i can just flash it, if something goes wrong?
Or atleast something like a factory reset?

There is the backup function under MyOSMC and you also can check this

The best for a full factory reset is a reinstall of the system

thanks :slight_smile: