User Authentification in Wifi

So I just installed OSMC on my Raspberry Pi B+, but am unable to connect to my wifi since I don’t only need a passphrase.

The network uses WPA2/AES encryption and IEEE 802.1X (Enterprise) authentification with TTLS/PEAP.

Is there any way I can connect to such a Wifi Network?

Thanks in advance.

WPA2 enterprise is not currently supported by OSMC - certainly not via the networking GUI in OSMC settings.

There is a small chance that it might be possible to configure the connection from the command line using connmanctl but I have not tried this myself and I am not sure if we have the necessary 802.1x agent support for connman included.

Support of WPA2 enterprise is something that we did discuss during development and it is theoretically possible to add it, however it is quite a lot of work (especially when you have to deal with certificate provisioning) so it’s quite low on the priority list when very few people would make use of it so is not likely to happen in the near future.

Sorry about that.

Well, then I tried it manually: WPA2 Enterprise (aka ieee8021x) using LDAP in the back. I could connect to my network using the EAP=peap and Phase2=MSCHAPV2 settings in the wifi_XXX.config related to my network. The good news is that after leaving the osmc console the connection still works in osmc, connected to my UPnP device. The bad news is that at least at my system the connection was not reestablished after a reboot. So I always have to go to the console first, start the connection and go back to osmc.
Trying to do it from connmanctl it looks like that my system needs at least two retries to connect. If the first fails connmanctl asks for a retry. If this happens while startup the connection process stops. May be I missed something to have the startup sequence retry to connect.
BTW: OSMC_TGT_rbp1_20150830 on R Pi 1 B+

As mentioned, we don’t support 802.11x (aka WPA/WPA2 Enterprise) yet, so whilst you might be able to get it working manually (and that’s great if you can) we can’t provide any support for trying to troubleshoot a failing connection as we have not done any testing ourselves in this configuration.

For those who are interested:
The R Pi 1 B+ ran for three days without failure. Like some other R Pi 1 B+ (running on Rasbian) I encountered some reconnects to the network. But OSMC always got the connection back. After a reboot (waiting about 6hours) OSMC starts, the network connection was there but OSMC could not see it. I then went to the console, checked with ifconfig and immediately exit from the console and OSMC got the connection back again. So it seems to be fairly stable (ok, not for production use).
BTW: The config
R Pi 1 B+ (OSMC, Edimax) <-> ASUS NT-R16 (WPA2-Enterprise) <-> TP-Link SG3424 <-> R Pi 1 B+ (Radius) <-> R Pi 1 B+ (LDAP)

Connman supports automatic retry for failed connections, so it will eventually reconnect by itself.

If the initial connection on boot fails it will try again every minute or two (not sure of the exact timing) for as long as it can see the network.

Hi, I currently don’t have an internet connection. In trying to connect to Telenet Wifree, since there is no other way to get internet at the moment. Was there any progress made on this? Or at least a way I can do this trough the terminal?