User Interface on HD IPTV stream - not fluent


From last update I see issues when I work with the skin UI and I am watching channels in HD, it is just new issue because before it was fluently, right now it take some time to switch over in EPG or menu and it is laggy. When I am watching IPTV streams in SD quality it is fluent as it was before.

I have set :
Allow hardware acceleration OMX - on
Allow hardware acceleration MMAL - on
Limit GUI updates during playback - unlimited

Can you check this out?

Nobody has the same issue? As I said the navigation in skin gets in hd stream not fluent and very jerky as in sd is fluent and this was not an issue before. Can anybody help?

I was able to isolate the issue, this just happens when I switch from SD iptv stream to HD stream, then the skin begins to be very slow. When I then stop the live tv channel in HD and start again then the skin UI is again fluent also in HD stream.