User name and password

I’m trying to log into my Vero 4K + from my PC and its asking for a user name and password? Where are these stored? In Profiles I can see one user - Master User but no password?

The osmc user is created on the operating system. (Its different from the profile users)

Thanks for that information. I’m new to this so most of it is a mystery! I managed to do that, although it was weird that when it asked for a new password etc and it doesn’t show it so I had to be very careful with the key presses! I presume that is normal?
Anyway that was the first stage and now I have to figure out how to install Chromium web browser!
Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

It changes the default password for security reasons. It doesn’t show your password on the screen so if there is someone standing behind you they can’t see what you type.
You should have been asked to input the net password twice for confirmation.

Thanks for explaining. I recently installed Linux on a second drive and I’m going to start learning about it, which I’m sure will help me to understand my Vero better.
Your help is appreciated.