User profile extension

Hi Sam
Perhaps, when you have (and your team) the time some ideas to update the actual user profile( translate in better english).
For me 4 sections

  • I’am
  • ** Old and I don’t like Microsoft
  • I use
  • ** my hardware (OSMC, Linux, NAS, tuner HDhomerun)
  • ** your network design (Vero2 ,NAS App Server, NFS, PC, Tablet)
  • ** my (Kodi) and + Software MediaElch, Picard, DVBLink
  • I don’t use
  • ** streaming
  • I spend my (free) time with
  • ** identify my Media collection Videos, TV Shows, music, clips
  • I can (sometimes) help you with
  • ** OSMC + Network + NAS issues
  • ** Tag your collections (picard + nfo)
  • ** sometime DVBLink

etc etc
Perhaps people has some more ideas.

We can add some more fields, there is also an About section, but not many people use it