Using a remote to open a folder


I have a cheap remote that works well with osmc rc3 on my rpi2. All of the functions work out of the box. My current setup has 5 remotes so I bought a Logitech harmony touch and used the cheap remote to train the new one. I have been able to set this up to do the main functions (up down left right OK back) however on the MCE remote it has a video button (red one) which opens the video folder on osmc.

My question is does anyone know how I can get this button to open a specific directory? I would also like to be able to open other specific directorys with the cheap remote and train the new one with that.

Directores are /mnt/HDD/torrent /mnt/HDD/films /mnt/HDD/episodes

I assume I will need to edit the config files but not sure which ones and with what fields.

Also if instructions could be idiot proof that would be great.

Many thanks in advance

Have a look at this:

Open ActivateWindow in a SubDirectory on Kodi forums.

Hi @jasharrar, How did you connect/set up the remote?

Hi pictoplasm
The remote connects to the pi with a USB dongle. The dongle came.with the original remote. The new remote is just a copy of those buttons/commands