Using a VPN (PIA)

Has anyone set up PIA on their Vero 4K. I don’t think PIA has their own Kodi app and I am not certain how to proceed.

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Suggest to check out the many posts that are already talking about PIA

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I dont see that one of those posts are specific to PIA and the Vero 4k.

Well I don’t use PIA but what I understand from those posts is that PIA is based on openvpn and openvpn usage is the same on any OSMC based device.

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I posted looking for specific help with PIA and Vero 4k. Thanks for your replies but I am hoping for someone with experience to respond.

And have you actually tried setting it up? There shouldn’t be much difference between the 4K vs a Pi.

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I would try to set it up if I knew how to try. That’s why I posted here.

Did you bother to read any of the posts that were linked by @fzinken ? They should help you.

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PIA provides OpenVPN configuration files on their website, but installing and configuring OpenVPN requires you to ssh into your device, after that there is a kodi addon for controlling it.

That one sentence provides all you need to research this topic.

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Oh sorry my bad. I thought I had posted in the “Help & Support” part of the forum. Instead it seems I am in the “DIY by yourself” area. The responders so far seem to be bothered by someone who needs help.

Why have this forum at all?

Sorry (not) !

Let the immature revenge replies commence. I am unsubscribing.

It is called “Help and Support”, not “Nyawww, Let Mother Hold Your Hand Through Bespoke Step-by-Step Guides”.

Setting up a VPN on a Linux system is fairly common and there are a multitude of guides showing how to do it. You can either wait around for someone to retype those instructions into the comments for you, or you can do a simple little search and read them yourself.

The irony is, if you were even a little bit likeable, fzinken or bmillham probably would have guided you along the way. I have seen these guys take newbies through support issues keystroke by keystroke.

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Just install this add-on

Go into add-on settings put in pia details and your good to go. Works great


Hi AVIPtoYou,

We try to steer users in the right direction, rather spoon feed; as its a better learning tool.

If you haven’t left us, what you need is below:

Posts 2 and 3 will tell you all you need to to know, the topic is for raspbian, but both vero4k and raspian are debian based; so it works on both.

You will need command line access

Thanks Tom.

We anticipate making this easier to set up in the future (via My OSMC) but for now you need to use the command line.

@Tom_Doyle @fzinken – thank you
@Karnage @bmillham @ooZee – counterproductive; learn to stay silent

As to the overall philosophy of forcing people to almost completely learn on their own, I completely disagree. Here’s why:

If you want this software and hardware to be healthy in the long term, it needs to grow. To grow, it needs to pull in more and more of the spectrum of users. Today, I would bet you are almost exclusively pulling in buyers & users only from the highest level / advanced part of the spectrum. Less than 1 in 1000 people even know what “SSH” is. Things like “command line” scare most people. Compared to the general population I am well above average at “tech” but not familiar with Linux or OSMC or Kodi (yet). I am from that next slice of the spectrum that is not buying these boxes. There is a lot more spectrum beyond my type of person.

If you want to sell more boxes, and keep this growing this niche, you need to treat new users more carefully. Don’t you think prospective buyers read your forum before making a decision? If they see you crap all over someone who asks a legitimate question about something that is not at all straight forward, they will just go buy the competition.

I have been a forum moderator other places and the better solution to repeat questions, where people don’t search much before asking (which I did, by the way), is to have a bunch of “pinned posts” (sticky threads, whatever). You try to answer a given question once, with a well organized and thorough response… adding to it over time… either writing a guide or linking to some other guide. Then when noobs keep asking the same thing, it takes a few seconds to send them to the guide. It might get a little old, having to repeat your self by saying please read such&such pinned post, but that is much more helpful than insulting them and gets the same message across – please do some homework.

Good luck.


You were just asked to use the ‘search’ button…

Hi there,

We are constantly striving to make OSMC more user friendly. However, presently, there is not a command line free solution to resolve your problem. While VPN is growing in popularity it is still rather niche. We can’t always anticipate what will be useful, but we do acknowledge the increasing importance of privacy services and will offer more streamlined support for them in the future.

By your own admission, VPN is a complex scenario and that is why there is no such solution at this time.

We have pointed to a solution and I can confirm that the steps, although originally outlined for Raspberry Pi will function identically on Vero 4K.

The resource that has been linked to previously is exactly as you describe, namely a guide.

OSMC provides a simple solution for installing VPN services.
OSMC will be the first to provide a graphical based solution for configuring VPN. Not the competition.

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing a problem with your Vero 4K. I’d like to remind you that we offer a refund guarantee and I’d also be happy to take a phone call and personally guide you through configuring OpenVPN as well as resolve any other issues that you may have. Let me know when you’re around to have a chat


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Hi aVIPtoYou,

I’m glad to hear that you’ve got this sorted and I appreciate your thanks. I also appreciate your opinion and feedback, But in my opinion, telling developers and moderators who give up their free time to help this community to:

Does not help our community grow.

Nobody is asking anybody to learn on their own, we ask people to search the forum or provide search or topic links so users can read this material; so they can ask questions based on this; rather than starting from scratch.

Also I’ve just checked, this discourse has 13552 members, so our methods for growing this community seems to be working.

Thanks Tom.

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It’s honestly sad to see that some people don’t appreciate the mere fact that they even get a support forum for OSMC products where the founder and developer of the product itself, @sam_nazarko, is replying directly to user questions… This was the most important argument for me to get the Vero in the first place and the same as you, @aVIPtoYou, I’m not really familiar to Linux, OSMC or Kodi for that matter. I’ve been on the forum since I got my Vero 4k and I’m sure that I have annoyed at least @sam_nazarko already once or twice (although I’m sure he’s too polite to ever say so)…
I’m not familiar with the VPN problem that’s talked about here, but I just want to give my opinion on the way users, especially “noobs” are treated here: All problems I had were solved so far - some of them took massive time -, I was never called a noob or had the feeling that I was mislead in any way. Of course, I try to be open to learning myself first so I don’t have to ask around the forum every time… I’d just like to give this opinion to point out that it’s very unfair to @sam_nazarko, all the developers and more advanced users here who’re helping out others and even implementing new features on request. No other product would offer this service and if one cannot appreciate that: Well, buy a different product and try your luck in a support forum there - if you even find one. :wink:

Of course, one could think that some percentage of the higher price of the Vero 4k goes to maintaining the forum and paying for all the hours of work going into the support offered here (at first I thought the Vero 4k to honestly be more expensive than other Kodi devices), but the money is well invested. And I think that the hours I have taken especially from @sam_nazarko - even during his holiday!!! - are worth way more than what I’ve paid. And still he and most others here are patient and nice and would never admit that they might be annoyed or frustrated with noobish users every now and then.
So, the least they can expect from users is to read links they post. They even stay nice and friendly now, @aVIPtoYou… So, be nice to them, ask again, if you can’t follow their lead and be happy for them to even offer this whole damn support forum!

Over and out :joy:


Is there a reason people are using command line VPN setup instead of using the simple VPN manager add-on I linked to above?

Solves endless discussion