Using AirPlay

AirPlay allows you to stream audio and video from a compatible iOS device to OSMC. OSMC ships with AirPlay enabled by default, however it can be enabled or disabled at any time. Simply go to Settings -> Network in Kodi. AirPlay can be used by selecting the triangular play icon in the corner of a compatible iOS application.

Supported iOS versions

The following iOS versions are supported:

  • iOS 6
  • iOS 7
  • iOS 8

If you are using iOS 8 or later, you should enable ‘iOS 8 AirPlay support’ in Settings -> Network in Kodi.

(Airplay via iOS 9 is currently not working for Kodi 15.2 + (Isengard) on any Kodi platform)

Mirroring, DRM and YouTube

Please note: AirPlay mirroring is not supported in OSMC at this time. While the function appears available to your iOS client, it will not work. DRM content such as Netflix will not work either. Some applications, such as YouTube do not work due to incompatible codecs. To use YouTube with AirPlay, simply go to the YouTube mobile website via Safari and stream the content via the browser.

Airplay seems to have moved from Settings -> Network to Settings->Services

Just so this is perfectly clear: Airplay from iOS 9 and above does not work at all right now. Tested on iOS 10 and 11: the device just doesn’t show up.

There are ways to implement audio-only support, however, see this “how to”:

Audio works well here on latest iOS on iPhone XS.

Video has been broken for some time.

I found a script which works great on RPi, never tried on Vero.
Maybe this could be integrated into the OSMC distro?