Using an AV receiver with OSMC on RPi 2


I’m trying to put my RPi 2, which is running the latest OSMC build, through a Sony AV receiver but I’m not able to get it to work.

I’ve tried all HDMIs/channels which normally run a satellite box, PS4 etc but I’m having no luck.

Are there any settings I need to enable to get it to work, potentially in Config.txt? I’ve been doing some research but I can’t get a definitive answer and don’t want to configure it incorrectly.


My first suggestion is to login via ssh and run grab-logs -z and post the URL that will tell you and us which modes are announced by the AV receiver.

A low risk experiment would be to try setting hdmi_boost in config.txt
So far I have only had to do this in one situation … when going through a HDMI-to-VGA converter.
In that case I set it to 6 I think.

Thanks both. I’ll try get the HDMI out cable from the receiver so I can go straight to the TV as it’s not connected to the WiFi yet. Will report back when I’ve attempted both.

Setting HDMI boost worked perfectly, thanks!

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