Using iPad/iPhone with Vero

I’ve recently received my Vero and have spent the day getting to grips with it. Being a noob with this kind of device, I’ve managed to get my head round most of the features, am really pleased with it and it obviously has huge development potential. However I’ve been unable to figure out how to stream media from my iPad to the Vero which I believe is possible using AirPlay. For information, the Vero’s connected to the network via Ethernet through a switch. I also attempted to connect via Bluetooth and although the iPad is visible, it does not connect.
Any help with this would be hugely appreciated.

Have a look in Settings->Services->Airplay where you can turn on Airplay support. (It’s off by default)

Airplay works over Wifi not Bluetooth, so your iPad will need to be on the same network. When enabled you should see an Airplay target on your iPad.

Not all Airplay apps will work with Kodi - all audio apps should work but only some video apps as Kodi doesn’t support DRM encrypted Airplay.

So things like Netflix or any other DRM protected content won’t work, also the Youtube app won’t work. (Youtube via Safari will work) Apps that send video without DRM protection such as podcast apps will work, and apps that send photos should work too. (Like the photos app)

Thanks for the quick and comprehensive response. Will give it a try in the morning.

Can Vero stream media to an AirPlay device?