Using OSMC / Kodi on Raspberry Pi2 abroad

Hi all

I am going away to Belgium on business shortly and it suddenly dawned on me that I could take my Raspberry Pi2 away with me and use Kodi to view stuff whilst I am away.

Can anyone foresee any problems viewing content (films, tv etc) whilst I am in Belgium?

Is changing the wifi details on OSMC straight forward?

Any help would be appreciated.


Do you have those films stored on the OSMC device?
What “TV” do you mean? IPTV or your TVHeadend Server?

Yes, you can do so via MyOSMC. But if you need a captive portal to access wifi it is more complicated, search the forum for that topic.

Fzinken. Yes, I mean streaming. Should I have any problems doing that?

Streaming what? From your TVHeadend Server? You would need a VPN and it it a question of your uplink. From the Internet? Then the questions is what streams? Do they have geolocation limits…?

My first thought was powering your OSMC device but since you’re not asking about it i guess you had it covered, but just to be sure i posted two links. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I am a bit of a novice at all this to be honest.

IPTV through add ons on Kodi.

It would depend on the network connection you are using. If you go abroad and come to my house then connecting to my WiFi is easy and my internet service provider (ISP) does not block anything so you’d be fine. If you went abroad and went to my parents house then connecting to their WiFi is straight forward enough but their ISP seems to block certain addons so you might be able to stream some things but not others.

Hotels are a even more problematic as they tend to have captive portal landing pages for their WiFi and they are likely to block more stuff.