Using OSMC on RP3 as a Bkuetooth Speaker

Hi and yes I’ve gone through the WIKI and done some searching here. Most posts are for going the other direction ie: OSMC to Bluetooth speakers,

Both are about :Stream audio from osmc KODI to bluetooth audio device using bluez pulseaudio pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

The closest that I find to what I’d like to do is just the opposite, Stream from mobile to OSMC (my speakers are connected to the analog out on the PI3.
In this direction a two year old article: [TESTING] Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP)
seems to be talking about what it is I’m trying to do.
If I understand it correctly then , I’d use WinSCP to log in and then change the session over to PuTTY and then copy and paste:

Is this more or less all that one needs to do.
I’m running KODI 17.1 on a Pi3 (have no wish to update KODI, except for the Bluetooth thing it is running great and does all that I want)
Thanks in adance for your time and help.
PS Forgot to mention that in OSMC and on my Moble they both show as being paired.
However in OSMC the mobil has a red symbol and doesn’t re-connect.
The moblil shows OSMC as a paired device but has a question mark in front of it and not the headphone symbol I’m trying for.