Using OSMC on RPi3 as headless NAS, wise or too far from its goal?

Since I have a Vero 4K, I decided to use my RPi3 headless and only for Transmission, full automation of torrents via Flexget and SyncThing. But does it make sense to keep running OSMC on it? Since I won’t use Kodi anymore, or WIFI or Bluetooth.

I looked at alternatives but understand OSMC might be more lightweight and optimized than Raspbian Lite! The other superlight alternative would be DietPi (which is also Debian). But I have no experience with it. OpenMediaVault seems to be the #1 choice if I want to have a full blown UI to manage stuff, but if I only focus on Transmission, Flexget and SyncThing, OMV seems overkill.

I wonder what choices others have made that may have switched to Vero and now have their RPi do more NAS related stuff?

If you already have OSMC running in the way you want just disable Kodi sudo systemctl disable mediacenter