Using PayPal to purchase Vero

Hello all, I’m a new forum member, long time Raspbmc/Pi user, new OSMC user, and hope to be Vero owner.

I have setup many Pi’s and given to friends and family, use a few here in my home, (in the U.S.), and am VERY interested in Purchasing the Vero unit. I’m homing that replacing the Pi’s I’ve given to relatives with Vero’s may reduce the amount of “support” calls I get from them. It truly appears to be a “it just works” unit.

I have sent a support request to the Vero store, but may receive a quicker reply here,…

The store states PayPal is an accepted payment method, but each time I am about to complete my purchase, I only have 2 payment options,… Credit Card, or Bank Transfer. I really want to get a Vero as soon as possible, ( I see they are finally beginning to ship), and if I have to I will use my Credit Card, but have a nice surplus balance with PayPal.

Am I missing something at the store site, or, is PayPal no longer an option?


Thought I’d relay the response I received . PayPal transactions require specific shipping dates that just aren’t possible to be met yet. I understand this, and will either purchase using my Visa Debit card, or wait a bit longer until the supply builds up and shipping delays are decreased so that I can use my PayPal Account.