Using Pi 2 with OSMC as a WiFi Repeater

Hello fellow OSMC friends,

I am trying to get my Pi 2 to work with OSMC and acting as a WiFi Repeater at the same time. I got my Pi connected via Ethernet to my network and want to use my WiFi Dongle ( as the WiFi entrance.

After hours and hours of trying I am now making the step and asking you guys to help me out.

Thanks in advance!

Greetings Marvin

Hi Marvin

I saw you Tweeted me earlier. 140 characters makes things a bit tricky to debug, so I’m glad you posted here.

Seems you want tethering. We use ConnMan. A quick google of ‘ConnMan’ tethering should show you how to set things up.

We’re hoping to get tethering in our GUI in a month a or so



Hi Sam,
yes that is what I thought as well.
I tryed using the tethering function but I get an error message that it isn’t supported.

Is there maybe a way to switch from connman to the usual network connection?