Using SD card from a Pi Model B in a new Pi2

Unfortunately, the HDMI port in my beloved Pi Model B has gone bad :cry: , so it’s time to replace it with a Pi 2.

What I’m hoping (but guessing won’t work) is that I can take the SD card, use dd to image it to a new micro SD card, plug it into the Pi 2, update the config.txt with the keys, and simply boot.

Is the reality that the binaries are different from the original Pi vs. the Pi2? Not that it’s that big of a deal to re-install, I was just hoping I didn’t have to :yum:


You will need to re-install. The binaries for Pi 1 are built for ARMv6 and Pi 2 is built for ARMv7. OSMC has a backup utility in My OSMC and this should let you back up most of your system


Thanks Sam, that’s that I figured. Actually, all my files are stored on my other Pi2 (Running Ubuntu Mate 15.04, including the MySQL database), so there really isn’t much to save. It’s mostly the download of a new image over Satellite internet that I was hoping to avoid :grin: