Using startx or lxsession

On a standard Debian raspberry pi install, if I met a command prompt I can type “startx” or if I’m SSH I can type “lxsession” and I can get the usual GUI interface. I would like my OSMC raspberry pi to be able to be used as a traditional raspberry pi when I’m not playing media files. So I would need 2 things. I need to exit Kodi and get a command prompt so I can type “startx” and/or when login from SSH I need to be able to type “lxsession” to get a GUI. Neither of these two commands is available in the standard OSMC installation. Of course at some point once I was back at the command prompt I would want to be able to type “kodi” to get back into Kodi.

Any suggestions on which packages that I need to install on OSMC to get those traditional raspberry pi GUI capabilities?

You need X11 and LXDE


Any suggestion on what commands to get that?

sudo apt-get install lxde

Or something like that? Point me to a page if there is a tutorial somewhere.

This is not something we can provide you with simple instructions on how to do. You are going to need to research this for yourself because you are going to begin creating all types of issues that are outside of the scope of OSMC to provide support for when you do something like this.


The OSMC Desktop will launch eventually, but until then, we cannot support a desktop deployment of OSMC.


I didn’t expect OSMC technical support to answer what is admittedly a somewhat off-topic question. I was hoping there were some knowledgeable users around who had perhaps done something similar or could point me to a tutorial somewhere.

You command for installing packages is correct and Sam has told you the packages you’ll need. This should be enough to get you going.

I’s recommend that you take a backup of your SD card before you start though so you can roll-back should something bad happen.

Many thanks. Any suggestions on how to get OSMC to exit to a command prompt. Right now if I exit Kodi it just reboots right back into it.

Check out the OSMC Wiki