Using the App Store

App Store

The App Store allows OSMC users to install common applications without any complicated set up. These applications are optimised for OSMC to deliver the best performance and stability. What’s more, OSMC will manage updates for all of your applications installed via the App Store via its update system.

Accessing the App Store

The App Store can be accessed via My OSMC. If you are using the default OSMC skin, then My OSMC will be accessible via your Home screen. If you are using Confluence then it will be available via the Settings sub-menu. For other skins, My OSMC can be found via the Programs section.

Uninstalling Apps

Apps can be uninstalled via My OSMC should you wish to remove them. Depending on the application installed, your data may not necessarily be preserved after removal.

Enabling and disabling Apps

Some apps such as torrent clients and TV tuning software run in the background as ‘services’. It is possible to start and stop these applications, as well as disable them from running at startup. These services can be controlled via My OSMC -> Services.