Using USB drive with Vero 4k - direct plug to USB3 port?

I’ve searched the forum for this so sorry if it’s been covered.

Is it ok to plug my 2T WD passport drive directly into the USB3 port on the Vero 4k? That’s the way I’m currently connected and it appears to be working ok. Or is the preferred configuration to use a powered USB Hub for powering a single 2T USB hard drive? I can’t find the specs on the Vero 4k USB3 port nor the power requirements of the 2T WD passport Ultra drive.

My RPi3 setup required the external USB Hub. I don’t know yet if that’s what I should be doing with my Vero 4k.


– Kent

See [TESTING] Support for DVB adapters - #4 by sam_nazarko

Using a powered disk or powered hub is always preferable.

The Vero 4K’s USB port is USB 2.0.
We recommend using a powered hub when possible. If Pi 3 required it then Vero 4K will as well.


Done. Dillthedog’s post reminded me that I have to have a hub anyway if I’m to add the DVB dongle. Added the hub, all is well.

Thanks for the quick replies everyone!

– Kent

I have been connecting a WD Passport 4TB USB3 drive with no issues.


I´m interested in the Vero 4k. I want to use it with an external 2.5 HDD (this don’t need an extra power supply). Right now i’m using this drive with an RP1 in combination with an 2A power supply for the RP1 without any issues (the drive is the only thing i use expect an gpio ir receiver).
Is it ok to use this drive without an extra power supply / powered hub (only powered by the vero 4k usb port and the vero 4k power supply?

Thank you very much for your answer!

If you’re able to run it on a Raspberry Pi 1 without max_usb_current (B+ applicable only); then it means the drive can be powered from 500ma. It should be fine on the Vero 4K then.


You remind me of that. :thinking: I use this command (RP1 B+). Would it be enough to use an Y-cable in combination with both usb ports? (2x500mA)
OT: i use an old osmc version on my rp1 B+ their it was necessary to use this command to spin up this drive. I tested the current osmc version and the drive spins up fine without this command (is it enabled by default?)

Thank you very much for the fast answer!!!

Instead of using 2 USB ports, your probably better off getting a powered USB hub They aren’t that expensive, and will give you extra ports if when you need them in the future.

It should work as expected, but as @bmillham says, a hub is never a bad idea.
One port will be occupied by the RF receiver if you use the official OSMC remote.