Using Vero 4K+ as a Plex client

I’m anxiously waiting for my Vero 4K+ to ship, but I’m wondering which is preferred, Plex for Kodi, or PlexKodiConnent?

I have a Plex server running on Windows 7, but ran out of patience waiting for the Apple TV 4K to be able to stream TrueHD Atmos (I don’t think it ever will).

So all I foresee using the Vero for is as a Plex front end for 4K BD rips with Atmos. Any advice, TIA.

I don’t know if the official Plex add-on is still maintained.


Thanks. PlexKodiConnent it is then. Other than enabling passthrough in Kodi, is there any other setting I need to get Atmos from a BD rip?

Disable transcoding in Plex.

Apple TV 4K also doesn’t support 24.000fps content. It plays it at 23.976fps (super annoying for e.g. foreign content).

Vero 4K Plus supports both formats.

I use Plex Kodi Connect, but if you want simplicity the Plex addon works fine, too. I just don’t like it all that much.

Does Plex automatically transcode TrueHD Atmos soundtracks? I hate to disable transcoding, as I have a friend that watches my content remotely, and he always seems to choose something that needs transcoding. Not a bother, because my server can handle it easily.

But are you saying that Plex won’t send Atmos to Kodi, but transcodes it?

They didnt fix the 24.000 fps bug on the new Apple TV 4K? Ouch i thought they would fix it :frowning:

Plex media server does the transcoding, if necessary. I bitstream my audio in most cases. Where is your server located?

Nope. Not fixed.

My server is located here in my house on a Windows 7 desktop with i7 4790k and 16gb RAM.

No issues, then. Just use it as you normally do. The client should determine transcoding if necessary.

If using the official Plex addon make sure you enable direct play of 4K as it isnt enabled by default

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Second this!

IMHO its too bad that Plex has completely stopped active development of the the official Plex for Kodi add-on. There’s a person out there maintaining it but it needs proper backing.

Link to the fork of the official add-on GitHub - pannal/plex-for-kodi at develop