Using Vero 4K to try and watch film: buffering problem

I am trying to watch a film using my Vero 4K and the viewing is spoilt by constant pauses for buffering.
It might be my source but are there any settings on the Vero I should have set to allow torrent stream connections and are there other settings I can tweak to improve viewing experience.

If you aren’t willing to provide relevant logs and/or because your torrent stream addon is one that provides access to pirated content that one would otherwise have to pay for, you won’t get any support here.

But there are also no settings that would be specific to this type of source.

Actually, at least in theory, one might switch their video cache to dump to storage instead of memory to smooth out variations in transfers. My kid was living in a place for a while that had really uneven internet speeds to the point that she had buffering issues in Plex streaming from me with her TV app. As a solution I setup OSMC on a RPi with the buffering like this and it sorted the issue. Worst case she would start a movie and pause it for a few to fill up the buffer some before starting watching. In this case being a Vero with a eMMC one would also really need to add a SD or some other storage and then add path substitution for the temp folder to pull all this wear and tear over to somewhere is doesn’t matter so much while also not causing a problem filling up free space the OS needs.

The symptoms you describe are exactly what I have and it gets worse from about 17:00. I understand your suggestion but I am not clear on where the constraint is acting; on my Vero, my lan, my isp or the source.
Some apps allow downloads to file and I use this sometimes so I can view off-line but other apps make dumping to file difficult. Fortunately nothing I am trying to watch is critical but I wondered if there was a cache setting somewhere in OSMC that I should be adjusting.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi ActionA,
It is not that I am unwilling to provide logs, I was not asked.
Thanks for the reply.

@Budgie You have been a member for far to long to NOT know that any support request is incomplete without logs. If I were you I would actually research darwindesign’s suggestionand implement. It makes a huge difference for those annoying mini pauses.

You set memorysize to 0 to make Kodi cache the entire file your playing locally…

You can also bump the readfactor up a bit but I’d suggest not going to high as this can be problematic if your fully saturating your network connection. Saving everything your playing to disk massively increases wear on solid state memory (which is bad) so I would only do it if you are also adding in some storage medium you don’t care about and using that to store your temp folder. You can move where your temp folder is via path substitution which I’ve detailed here…