Utorrent and RPi2

Hello All…

There is a plugin in Kodi called utorrent. I really can´t figure out how to get it working (or even if it is a client by itself or not). Been browsing for guides, fund 'transmission’guides and guides for some years back other setups than mine…

I would like a torrentclient running on my OSMC, accesable from web interface and/or Kodi…

Any helpful links to guides that work for my setup or other hints to get me started?


That plugin is just a client, it needs a running utorrent instance (either on the pi itslef or somewhere in your LAN).

Why don’t you try deluge? I posted a guide on how to compile it here: Deluge for OSMC? - #3 by sam_nazarko

Been away for a while since last post, tried your Guide on link now and it worked nice.

Thanks a lot cocomic!

Below instruction how to install uTorrent server on RPi2


As this tutorial is specifically written for Raspbian, it would probably not be the wisest decision to attempt installation in this manner. OSMC is probably not not going to play well with the x86 environment and is definitely gonna take exception to the installation of the desktop as described.