UUID in cmdline.txt


I changed boot=/dev/sda1 (a USB device with the FS) to boot=UUID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, but it doesn’t work (black screen).

¿Can be UUID used in cmdline.txt boot in OSMC?

I readed that some people work with this, other speaks that a initramfs need to be done and used in startup, but kernel needs to be compatible (compiled with some flag).

UUID needs initramfs. We did this on Raspbmc but it was problematic in the long run. We could potentially do this in the kernel with PARTUUID. This is != UUID.

You could try root=PARTUUID= and the PARTUUID. The difference being one identifies a filesystem and the latter identifies the partition.

Have a read at



Thank you, it works!

But after restart my USB was corrupted :’( but I restored a copy.

I readed about USB corruption in Pi, but with my SD card, class 4, the system is so slow: load every image of the elemements (loading the images from internet) may take 5 o 20 seconds per image. Load in YouTube addon a wall view can take minutes (1 image every 5 - 20 seconds) with my SD Card. The navigation over Kodi can freeze some times (click back or in a menu and wait up to 1 minute over it reacts). The SD Card writes up to 4’5 MB/s and read up to 18 MB/s, the USB is slower but it don’t freezes and the experience is like in my computer (very fast and freezeless)