V.17- Disabled Menu in the homescreen reappeared after restart

I can’t disable Menu shortcuts and save the selection in the Homescreen.
after restart everything is reappearing again/

for instance : when i disable menu “music video” “TV” “radio” they all disappear until the RPI is restarted.

I’m using Estuary skin.
It also misses OSMC icon

to be more specific about my setup:
V.17 : 2017 February.02-1


And exactly how are you restarting the pi?

What version of OSMC and KODI are you on?

The title of the thread is “V.17- Disabled Menu in the homescreen reappeard after restart”

Hi, i got the same problem on my raspberry Pi2. All the skin settings are resetted when i restart the device by the exit/restart kodi option. I also run Kodi 17.1 RC1 Krypton (it’s being installed when updating OSMC).


I also experienced a full reset of the settings after i restarted (by using soft reboot / power off) but now its seams OK even after several shutdowns and restarts

By using Soft power off / reboot

but i still can’t enable/disable Menu shortcuts

after several crashes, reboots, it now seems to work well and stable again.
was recently able to enable / disable Menu Shortcuts…

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