V19 60hz synced playback

I have a couple of Pi3s with OSMC Nov update on them and they work perfectly for me, 1080p @60hz, and I like to have playback synced to display refresh rate as I like the smooth playback, I find it improves the quality for me (I know others may disagree with this, but that’s not for this topic).

I have a Pi4 that I have been dying to try out with OSMC, after a lot of patient waiting I have tried the new Kodi 19 release. I find that the with the sync playback to display options checked I regularly see problems with playback - i understand there are a lot of changes with how video is handled in this version, so is this feature broken? Does it work at all or only for certain hardware?

I was hoping that with the Pi4 I would be able to run it at 2160p @60hz… i worked out how to enable that display rate in the pi config - but it does seem that @60hz is out of the question there…

OSMC isn’t designed to run with a desktop resolution of 2160p. The recommended settings include desktop running at 1080p.

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So 2160p @60hz, with synced playback works fine on a vero 4k with v19 which I purchased recently.
Seems the Pi4 cannot support this. from what I’ve experienced