V19 Vero 4K and RPi3 Feedback

@sam_nazarko & Co – you fine folks continue to impress! So much so, I just pulled the trigger to replace our 2nd TV’s Pi3 with a 4K+

Vero4K (non plus) Feedback

** The good**

  • plays entire test suite of troublesome movies. This is a test suite of owned movie backups (I stuff the discs in the crawl after backing them up) that would exhibit certain undesirable behaviour that’s been used in to help snuff out pesky gremlins and is checked on every update cycle.

  • much improved dvd.iso menu (certain tv series isos for example)

  • now plays back ALL movies (previously I had a couple obscure titles and the first disc of my wife’s series that proved troublesome).

  • bd.iso & bd.mkv work great – no delay in startup, no slowdown

  • the gui is snappier and prettier

  • the CEC sync on tv powerup is quicker

  • speaking of dvd.iso, my goodness standard definition picture quality has been much improved! My wife asked if we bought a bluray of a frequently watched kids dvd when she walked in :). It was always better than say, the old dvd player with the tv’s native scaler, but this is on another level!

** The maybe not so good**

  • I’ll have to see if the issue is repeatable and if so I’ll setup a test suite and log, but on dvd.iso I was seeing an occasional full screen 1 second of staticy pixelated fuzz. Restarting the V4k and we’ve not seen it happen again.

Pi3 Quick Feedback

  • I understand that hardware decoding is no longer supported by team kodi even with the config keys… for some folks on the Pi3/4 this may not matter:

  • dvd.iso, works fine

  • bd.iso, no longer usable