Valid IR button names for OSMC

I have successfully added my own remote to OSMC by learning button names with

irrecord -d /dev/lirc0 /home/osmc/lircd1.conf

I referred to lirc namespace via Google search to find the proper button names.

I’ve found, however, that even though I was able to successfully record a button, it does not necessarily do what I expected it to or work at all.

Such as KEY_PAGEUP, KEY_PAGEDOWN and others.

I’m wondering if there is a list of valid button names that actually work in OSMC?

I’m using an old DirecTv Tivo Blue remote. Most of the buttons do work. Ones that do not are like above, and others like Menu, Info, (two different Info buttons).

Thanks in advance.

Check this
And to make life easy

Thanks for the ultra-fast reply.

I tried Keymap Editor before, but, it didn’t seem to do anything at all. I might not have used it properly. Maybe I can try again. From what I saw: “Note: existing user defined key mappings will be removed.” I take it to mean that will clear all my buttons on my user defined remote? If this is so, will the original lirc1.conf file still be there in case something goes wrong?


Ok, I might have got that wrong here so for LIRC you would have a three step approach
lircd.conf, Lircmap.xml, remote.xml (keymap)

Well, yes, it was an involved process…

I had to press as many buttons as I could over and over again as the dots went across on the computer, then, I had to continue pressing as many buttons as possible. After the dots filled the line a 2nd time I began programming all the buttons I wanted to.

After this, I pressed the same button again quickly as the dots filled the line, and then I think that was it. After a reboot, it’s mostly working.

Just when I’m in a list, I cannot go a page at a time.