Various Suggestions for the App Store

Lots of these could be installed manually but would be great if we had them in the AppStore…

Limelight for streaming Steam

RetroPie for emulators

Desktop (to allow users to jump to desktop for browsers and Linux generally)

Minecraft/GLFrontier/Jedi Knight 2 and other Pi games

Ubooqity for eBooks, [something] for Comics, Webserver?

Sickbeard and/or Sickrage and/or Sonarr/NZBdrone for managing TV downloads

SabNZBd and/or NZBget for downloading from usenet

CouchPotato for managing movie downloads

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Not sure if having Couchpotato, Sickrage etc included in appstore is such a good idea since there could be legal issues

retropie is sweet but its rpi only so it would suck for the rest of the devices there is an inoffical hack here on the forum with a little addon from me even since i own a rpi2 that i messed around with

Legal issues? They are open source programs. They are not illegal. No more so than Transmission, Deluge or uTorrent.

They are more or less aimed a pirating stuff :slight_smile: see kodi forum for that whole discussion open source doesn’t always mean legal in the eyes of the law :smile:

sure any torrent client can be used to download pirated stuff but with sickrage its just type what you want and it fetches and downloads not really ideal to be supporting that wholeheartedly

Well I am not that fussed over them. You only need Python really to run those… so I re-ordered my list to suggest the others in priority/importance order.

They are NOT on Kodi’s banned list. There is nothing illegal about any of the programs listed by Methanoid here.

EDIT: Explicit discussion of usage which violates copyright would be a different matter.

They are in the grey zone me and ned scott have discussed this atlength but hey if you guys wanna support it go for broke :slight_smile:

From Kodi forum piracy policy bulletpoint #6: Kodi's Official Piracy Policy

At no point will any user be prevented from using Kodi Media Center as they so choose, nor will they be prevented from adding additional Addons not in the Kodi Addon Repository or additional addon repositories.

im just saying it might be a good idea to not spread piracy more then it is let those with the knowledge install sickrage headphones couchpotato etc and let the n00bs figure it out on their own cause lets face it its not fun getting sued over movies not like its a cheap bill… and automated downloaders is a good way to get busted.

Whatever Kodi forums say means nothing here. It’s Sam’s product and his decision. I’m quite happy to not get those Python based progs added. They fall under “nice to have” for me. However, having things like streaming or emulation addons would be very useful. I’ve been looking into them and may just buy a full fledged PC to get them all as they are easier on PCs than on RPi2 or Vero or any non-x86 devices.

How can I add these apps to appstore? None of these apps are in. Only Trasmission and few others.


You, as an ordinary user, cannot - but nothing stops you from using other repositories etc (see earlier in this thread).

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+1 for limelight, this would be awesome as the process is really tedious on a raspberry :slight_smile:

Moonlight not limelight keep current with development :wink:

GitHub - moonlight-stream/moonlight-embedded: Gamestream client for embedded systems this one?


FYI, Sam said Sickbeard was coming to our AppStore 6 months ago… so that probably bodes well for Couchpotato as well.

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Any updates on including Sickbeard and/or Couchpotato to the app store?

Nothig really prevents retroarch and the other emulators to be built for other platforms. You would loose the raspberry 1/2 optimisations though like the hardwarescalers.
That said, somebody with all the hardware to test it on would have to do it I’m afraid.
But Sam said that it is on his list and scheduled for September.