VC-1 files unwatchable after May update

I just installed the latest stable May update that was released today, but after doing so, all of my VC-1 files constantly stutter. It almost looks like it’s running at half the proper frame rate or less. I noticed occasional stuttering with the April update, but it seemed to stop after the first minute or so of the movie, at which point it was fine. But since the may update, it’s constant from the moment the file starts playing. I’ve tested 4 or 5 different VC-1 files, and the issue shows up for all of them.

Unfortunately, I found this out to late to tell Sam as he had already done the release, but we are aware of the issue and looking into it.

Do you also loose audio about 20 seconds into the VC-1 videos?

I don’t seem to completely lose audio, but around 20-30 seconds in the audio starts stuttering as well. For the first 20 or 30 seconds the audio is fine though.

Thanks for the quick response, glad to hear you’re aware of the issue. You guys are awesome!

Interesting, on my system and grahamh’s, we both lose audio. Do you have audio passthrough on or off?

Passthrough audio is on. Connected directly to a Denon X4500H receiver.

Ok, we will let you know when there is a fix for this. I don’t think at this point that we will need logs since both myself and grahamh can reliably reproduce it.

Sounds good, thanks! I tested it again, and actually after about 20-30 seconds, the audio stutters for about 5 seconds and then does go out completely.

Good, (well not really) so you have the exact same problem. Hopefully it won’t be long before there is a fix.

Do you know how to use ssh? If so this should fix your VC-1 problem (until you reboot):

echo 0 | sudo tee > /sys/module/di/parameters/bypass_prog

You will need to do this after every reboot (so don’t reboot :wink:), until an official fix is made. Let us know if this works for you also.

Yep, that solved it, thanks!

Great!!! Remember to do that after every reboot. And if you should see the problem again if you did not reboot, please let us know.

Hopefully Sam can come up with an official fix in the next day or so.

Will do, thanks again for looking into this so quickly and coming up with a solution, truly appreciate it!

No problem. I’m mad a myself for not catching this before the release. I always test VC-1 when changes are made to video handling. I just forgot to last night…

I’m building a fix now.

Back in business after that shell command. Thank you!