Verbose file copy/move progress and file deletion in file manager

When using the file manager to copy or move a file a progress bar at the top right corner appears.
It would be nice to see thing slike time elapsed, time remaining, transfer speed (MB/s), etc.

Also, when deleting a file in file manager you get you get a warning message asking if you are sure if you want to delete the file, but it doesn’t specify the file.
All you get is:

Would you like to delete the selected file(s)?
Warning this action can't be undone! 

It would be nice if it said something like:

Would you like to delete "examplemoviefile.mkv"?
Warning this action can't be undone! 

And for multiple files something like:

You have chosen to delete 14 files.
Would you like to continue?
Warning this action can't be undone! 

Or even a full list of all the files maybe.

As it is now, if I chose to delete 1 file, the warning makes me second guess myself with it’s vague language… wait, did I accidentally select more than one file?

This is a Kodi request. If you want Kodi devs to see it then you should post to . OSMC has no bearing on this.

I’m pretty sure when you delete that it does give you the full path in delete confirmation box

I thought this was something skin specific.

Not with the default OSMC skin it doesn’t.