Verifying progress bar on every file from samba?


I have installed Samba from the official shop and configured it to share my USB Hard Disk connected to OSMC-RasPI3.

It works fine, but everytime I want to acces a file form my Mac, it shows a progress bar “Verifying file” which can last several minutes if the file is a long movie!

Is there some configuration I can made on samba in order to avoid this annoying issue?

No configuration should be necessary assuming you used automount for the USB disk, so I wonder what you configured

This seems to be a application on your Mac, so I doubt anything can be done on the samba server

For “configuration” I just meant the normal installation procedure. Nothing else. Yes, it is automaounted.

Mac is flagging the share as “unreliable”, so it needs to verify the file each time it starts. That’s why I thought that maybe there could be some configuration to the samba server that could fix this.

Nope, nothing on the server side. I guess you need to tell the Mac to trust the source.
Is this “unreliable” coming from MacOS or from an application?

It is coming from VLC, but no settings in the application are related to the “file verification”…