Vero 1 - Non MediaCentre Use

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I still have my Vero 1 which is redundant now I have Vero 4K. I wanted to use the small hardware form factor to do some other simple tasks in my network such as being a DHCP server, DNS server, etc. I would not need the hrdware to be a Media Centre. What’s the best route for this? I’m guessing that installing Ubuntu or similar is not an option, so would I reinstall Vero 1 from Download - OSMC, then use apt-get to keep all the pre-installed packages up to date, and use apt-get to install packages for doing DHCP, DNS, maybe a CA, etc?

If you are happy with just a commandline I would think just uninstall mediacenter and you would be left with a light Debian distro which can be updated from OSMC servers.

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Thanks, Graham. Yeah happy on CLI indeed. Good idea on the uninstall too. I presume that the rest of the distro/OS will continue to get updates if I did a regular apt-get update and upgrade? It’s debian derivative so it’ll get security patches and bug fixes via that route? Thanks, JH

I believe the recommendation is to use dist-upgrade rather than a straight upgrade but yes, if you uninstall the mediacentre it’s a fairly vanilla Debian install.



I wouldn’t uninstall Kodi - I would just disable it with systemctl disable mediacenter.

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The Vero 1 is a SolidRun manufactured product:
CuBox | Arm Based Low Power Computer | SolidRun (

SolidRun offers multiple images:
i.MX6 Software | SolidRun (

I am currently running Armbian/ Debian Bullseye 5.9.14. But I needed to use extlinux to get it to boot.
Cubox-i – Armbian


The Debian images from SolidRun work out-of-the-box:

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