Vero 1 Power Supply problem

Hi starting from yesterday the power supply of my Vero start to make a light buzz…
How can I solve ? Do you sell power supply ? Which one I should search on Amazon ?

ATTN @sam_nazarko


I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with the power supply. It sounds like a loose coil.

  • Has the power supply been dropped?
  • Is it plugged in to a surge protector? If so, does the sound stop plugging it directly in to the wall? This could indicate a problem with your surge protector itself
  • Does plugging the device in to a different outlet resolve the issue?

Failing that, I would advise you stop using the Vero until the power supply is replaced. Please send me your details and I will send you a replacement on Monday morning. I will send you a Vero 2 one with an EU plug, we stopped doing the old Vero 1 PSUs with switchable plugs because it added an unnecessary cost to the device that many people did not take advantage of.


Thank you Sam. At the moment I am using a power supply taken from a home hub with an output of 5V and 2A. The Vero seems ok and no more buzz. If you consider this an acceptable solution for the Vero you don’t need to send me anything.


I am glad things are now improved. If the power supply is delivering 5V, 2A, you will not have any problems. If it isn’t, you will soon find out.

Let me know if you have any further questions