Vero 1 , usb keyboard not working any more

Hi, I wonder if anyone has an idea about what might be going wrong.
My USB keyboard recently does not work with OSMC vero. (It does work with other devices).
It is plugged in directly to the vero.
I have a USB hard drive and USB wi-fi dongle working properly with the vero plugged in to the other USB port.

Here is a log:

You seem to have lots of events registered for that keyboard (registered as CHICONY keyboard on input3), but no translations - is there a map needed?
I see another keyboard/mouse mentioned - could there be some interference?
Did it ever work with the vero - if so, have you updated since it worked?
I’m not clear what you’re saying about the connections, since you seem to be saying the vero is plugged into the other usb port of something else - also there are 3 usb connections mentioned, but my vero only has 2.

I should provide more information.
The keyboard is a wireless USB keyboard which has some media buttons (like play, stop, etc). It has worked perfectly previously with the vero, but it suddenly stopped working with OSMC a few days ago. I did an update recently.
I don’t know if a map is needed.
I am not using a mouse.
There are 3 usb devices plugged in (hard drive, keyboard and wifi dongle), so I am using a USB hub. That was not a problem before.

So far, I have still been unable to use the keyboard. I wonder if it would work if I used ethernet instead of wi-fi. (Not a great option for me at the moment).

I can live with just using the remote to control Vero for now, except for one problem: subtitles!

Is there any way to turn on subtitles with the remote ? If not, is there a way to set the subtitles to be on by default from the command line via SSH ? (They are currently set to off, but I can’t turn them back on without the keyboard, I think).

I doubt that using ethernet instead of WiFi would make any difference.
If it worked before, then it should work now - unless something else has changed (I have no trouble using any of mine in various contexts - Vero1, Pi1, Pi2, Pi3).
If you don’t get anything from using the keyboard, perhaps it would show up in debug logs.
I’d be starting with lsusb to see if the keyboard is registered, but you need usb utils installed for that.
I feel you could use a JSON command or a command-line command to switch the subtitles on/off - I have a keyboard mapping to do it - but I dn’t know what it is (a search could get the help for another user for issuing such a command, but my mind won’t give me keywords to suggest to get it from a search).