Vero 1st gen - Live TV Questions

Hello Community,

I have a Vero 1st Gen here that hasn’t been in use for some time. I would like to recover this device and use it as a live TV for a second TV. It’s been a while I used OSMC, so I have some questions I couldn’t find answers on:

Tech Specs - I couldn’t find specifications for the Vero 1 on the Wiki. Has it built in Wifi, or would I need to purchase the dongle?

USB Power - I have a Sundtek Media TV Pro III (or whatever it is called) on my desk. Can this be run plugged directly into the Vero, or do I need a USB Hub to power the device? If plugged directly, can the Vero handle both the TV Tuner, as well as the USB Wifi Adapter?

Drivers - I think I need just the TV Tuner and TVHeadend to start. Is the Sundtek driver meanwhile included, or do I have to run the from Sundtek as in earlier days?

I am starting with a fresh install from scratch, so in theory, Setup sounds pretty basic.

Thanks for pointers,

There is integrated 802.11n WiFi.

Should do, but I think Sundtek tuners usually need an external power supply.
You need to install their driver.

Great, thank you for the quick response. I will go ahead tonight.