Vero 2 and USB device support

Hello Sam and everybody,
It’s a good news to hear that Vero 2 is ready and has good specs.
Honestly, as the Vero 1 came out almost together with the raspberry 2, It was hard to decide which one shall I get, but the RPI2’s lower price and the GPIO port convinced me in favor of the PI.
However, the HEVC support, Gigabit port convinced me that maybe now the time has come to buy an Vero 2 device. However, I have some questions prior to it:

  1. I am using also USB TV tuners together with osmc: and DVBSKY S960 DVB-S2 tuner and a Realtek based DVB-T2 tuner. How is the support of these ? I assume if it’s supported by the linux kernel, you will also support it.

  2. I’ve observed that when I am streaming an HD content from tvheadend to a remote client (so the 'ethernet and usb are both at high demand), as the ethernet is also using the USB bus, I’ve observed that at high bitrates the data throughput seems to reach the RPI2’s limits. I suppose this won’t happen on the vero with the gigabit port. The Ethernet IC is not on the usb bus, right ?

  3. What about an SATA port ? I see that nowhere it’s mentioned the existence of a sata port. Not even an internal one ? That would be great, as most of the people are using it also as a media server. Of course, the USB port is there, so you can connect an HDD with external enclosure, but given that the USB port is 2.0 only, maybe it would have helped a separate esata or at least SATA port.

  4. What about MPEG2, VC-1 decoding ? For the RPI2, I had to buy licenses from them to enable HW decoding. This is mandatory as most of the DVB-S streams are using MPEG2. Is the HW decoding supported for these formats?
    Thanks in advance for the answers and I with all of you a Happy New Year!