Vero 2 just died

I turned the TV off yesterday, leaving the Vero 2 on as usual.

This morning when my wife turned everything on she was greeted with this:

She pulled the plug and now it looks like this:

Any ideas as to what has happened?

Does it boot normally if you pull the plug and try to boot again ? (it might take more than one try)

As to the original cause with the green screen - not sure, however the error in your last picture is one we are aware of that is believe it or not caused by the wifi driver. We are pretty certain we have that problem fixed now and will be releasing an update and a new image later today that addresses this and a few other issues like analog audio and slow wifi, so watch this space.

If your system is corrupted and needs a reinstall I would recommend holding off until we release the new image later today rather than using the currently available image.


We have released a new Vero 2 image - 2016.02-04, available in the OSMC installer and on the website.

If your system seems to boot normally you could try just updating with My OSMC->Updates, however personally given the symptoms you have seen I would recommend backing up any important data (for example using the backup function in My OSMC) and doing a fresh install from this new image.

The reason for this is we have reason to believe that this wifi driver problem as well as causing system freezes may have been causing file system corruption on some users systems, leading to system instability and eventually inability to boot.

If there is corruption then the only way to be sure it is completely gone and won’t lurk to cause crashes and instability later on (especially during upgrades) is to do a fresh install.

We’re pretty sure this problem is solved now so let us know how you get on. From this point onwards you should be able to upgrade normally to future releases from My OSMC without a reinstall.

Just came home, and it booted normally after pulling the plug. I did the upgrade using the gui and now it’s running 2016.02-04.


Will take a backup and store on another device just in case.

I will keep you posted if it acts up again.