Vero 2 no display, steady blinking

Redoing the AV setup in the house. Plugged the Vero 2 back in and I get no display from it. All that happens is the blue light is steadily blinking.

I’ve tried the factory reset options but I still get nothing. Thoughts?

Are you certain that you did not plug the wrong power supply into the Hero?

At first I was going to go with “incensed outrage” as to how you could suggest such a thing. Once I realized that the other power cords fit and my girlfriend was helping me I decided “Plausible deniability” was possibly a better tactic. :wink:

Based on your reply I’m assuming the machine is toast and buying another is the best option?

Send an email to customer support. There may be options.

Will do. Thanks for the quick response!

Blue light blinking usually means it’s been powered with 12V.

Honesty is appreciated however. We have had some customers that insist they have not used out of spec power supplies when there are clear indications that they have upon receipt.

Contact me.